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Rose Quartz Facial Massager

Rose Quartz Facial Massager

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Got too puffy and annoying dark circles on your eyes?

Time to spoil and revive your eyes with our Rose Quartz Facial Massager! A massager that is intended to assist with lessening puffiness, dark circles and minor irritation in the eye region. Restores, tone and de-puff tired looking eyes and retain nature mineral substance, while getting a charge out of high recurrence vibration rub time.

Just put this gadget on skin, and you can feel its vibration obviously with its high recurrence vibration can loosen up muscles, discharge throbbing. The under eye press massager diminishes puffy eyes and dark circles. You likewise can keep it on acupoint for some time and afterward daintily rub tenant. Moreover, this back rub devices can likewise assist you with confronting lift and tight skin.

Planned with the very regular properties of certifiable rose quartz that is impeccably joined with a decorating force of vibrating knead. Continue to utilize it consistently, your skin would be becoming smoother and smoother. It has an undeniable impact to hostile to flaw and against maturing.


  • REJUVENATES AND REFRESH - Work on the presence of your skin as it assists with alleviating facial muscle strain, diminish wrinkles, lessen eye puffiness, increment serum and lotion infiltration, and substantially more.

  • GH FREQUENCY VIBRATIONS: It can get 6000 Vibrations/Min. You just put this device on skin, and you can feel its vibration clearly. High frequency vibration can relax muscle, release aching.

  • UNDER EYE PRESS - The Under Eye Press will assist with easing those side effects. Since 100 percent Regular Rose Quartz stays cooler than Jade, this Under Eye Press will be more successful against puffiness and aggravation. For shockingly better outcomes, have a go at placing it in the ice chest for an hour before use.

  • HYPER-INFUSION TECHNOLOGY - Enters skincare dynamic fixings into the most profound layers of your skin and secures in dampness in 90 seconds or less

  • EASY TO USE - Requires battery. This face massager can utilized used to knead face, skin around eyes, and neck. You can knead yourself anyplace, at home, in the workplace, in the vehicle and so forth.
  • INNOVATIVE FACIAL MASSAGER: Your skin can ingest nature mineral substance, yet additionally appreciate high recurrence vibration knead time.



Material: Rose Quartz  and Metel


1x  Rose Quartz Facial Massager


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