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Talking Buttons For Dogs

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They don´t have a way to communicate with you!

Now you can ease the frustration of not knowing what your pet needs. Your pet will love the ability to tell you what they want, at the click of a button.

They can tell you if they need to go outside, play or go for a walk, the possibilities are endless!

With our revolutionary Talking Buttons you can teach your dog to communicate with you and you can understand them better.


See Christina Hunger and her dog Stellas story on Inside Edition


🐾 Recordable Buttons - The buttons can be programmed to record your own voice (up to 30 seconds)

🐾 For Dogs & Cats - These buttons can be used for both Dogs & Cats

🐾 4 Colors - Comes in Red, Blue, Green and Orange. Different colors can be implemented to aid your pet’s visual experience  

🐾 Pet Friendly - The buttons are made of non-toxic materials and are safe for your pet. The sound is designed not to be too loud for your dog, but with good sound quality


How Do You Record Words

  1. Put in the batteries (2xAAA)
  2. Push “on” button (on the bottom of the button)
  3. Press the big button about 3 seconds until you hear a bip
  4. Keep pressing the button and say your word
  5. Release the button


Puppiemate™ Talking Buttons For Dogs