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Professional Rechargeable Pet Trimmer

Professional Rechargeable Pet Trimmer

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Having dogs/cats is a great thing because of their cute loveliness. But besides of this, there are also big costs for their eating and hygiene, and every time you get them to the salon, it´s expensive. Pets are often afraid of loud trimmers but our trimmer is amazingly quiet. Your pet won’t even know it’s on. Watch your pet’s fear of being groomed disappear! There are no cords to get in the way anymore while grooming. No need to groom next to the outlet, now you can groom ANYTIME ANYWHERE! Order Yours Now!



Professional Rechargeable Pet Hair Trimmer

  • Easy to operate, anyone can use this
  • Super Quiet - Does not scare your dog
  • Cuts all hair types easily (both Dog/Cats)  
  • Made of strong high-quality components
  • Groom where you want, no need for outlet
  • Operating time 70 - 80 minutes / Charging time 1 hour
  • Also available for continuous using. Just Plug-In
  • Universal USB charging cable
  • No more expensive grooming costs. You can do it yourself.






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