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Pet Cooling Mat

Pet Cooling Mat

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DID YOU Realize Intensity STROKE IS A Main Source OF DEATH IN PETS?

Pets normally have higher internal heat level than people and can't cool themselves since they don't perspire as we do.

With our progressive cooling mat, your pet will remain cool and agreeable, and you can keep mentally collected realizing your shaggy companion is healthy when you get back after working all day.


🐾 LASTS FOR YEARS - Lightweight, portable, and puncture resistant material so your pet can't harm the mat

🐾 NO ELECTRICITY OR WATER REQUIRED - Keeps your pet cool and comfy with new technology that absorbs body heat and delivers relief for pets from heat or joint pain. Requires no electricity, and no need to freeze or chill to maintain a cool surface, because of specially designed mat made of heat-resistant fibers

🐾 SAFE FOR PETS AND THE ENVIRONMENT - Featuring non-toxic materials that are safe for pets, adults, kids and the environment. Waterproof & Washable!

🐾 AUTOMATIC RECHARGEABLE COOLING PAD - Stays cool all the time when allowing air to cool and recharge the mat

🐾 4 SIZES - Perfect size for your pet (See size chart below or in pictures)

Puppiemate™ Pet Cooling Mat


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