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Insoles Patch Heel Pads for Sport Shoes

Insoles Patch Heel Pads for Sport Shoes

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Material: High elastic foam + Cotton mesh

A Size: 11.5*8cm, thickness of thin section is 5mm, thick section is 10mm;

B Size: 9*4.5cm

Color: Beige, Black

Quantity: 2 pcs/pair


1. Reduce the size to prevent abrasion, abrasion feet, and heel off;

2. Upgrade the shape of the crown to fit and prevent wear, and solve the problems of large shoes/wearing feet

3. Soft and comfortable, non-feeling fit, high-quality adhesive;

4. Can be freely cut according to different heights and shapes of the heel of the shoe;

Thick ≈ 5mm: suitable for half size/heel worn shoes

Thick ≈ 10mm: suitable for big size/drop heel shoes

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