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Gold $100 Bill

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Product Name: Gold $100 Bill 


Purpose: A single gold foil 100 dollar bill for good luck. They represent good fortune. Place them in your purse or wallet to attract money. The golden color connects us with abundance. Organize your money so that the golden bill is next to your higher denomination bills. Use in your home with crystals that attract wealth and prosperity.

It symbolizes good fortune and wealth. 


Benefits: Attract money, prosperity, and abundance



You can place the gold bill in your wallet, purse, altar, or even on your vision board to attract money. Place this imitation bill wherever you find fit so that it can be a money magnet for you!

Gift them to other to wish them continued prosperity and abundance


Pairs Well With: Money Draw Spiritual Water, Money Draw Incense, Money Draw Blessed Herbal Candle, Success & Prosperity Spiritual Water, Money Crystal Set