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BodyCups™ - Electric Vacuum Cupping Massage Body Cups

BodyCups™ - Electric Vacuum Cupping Massage Body Cups

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The ultimate solution for tackling cellulite and achieving a slim, toned physique.

The electric guasha scraping feature helps to further enhance the f and slimming effects, making it easy to sculpt and shape your body!

Combination of Traditional and Modern Technology

In addition to vibrating sticks and red light physiotherapy functions that can absorb and release rhythmically, the cupping massager includes cutting-edge technology. There is no need for an open flame, it is easy to carry and clean, and it can massage better and provide a more comfortable experience than the traditional cupping device.

Multiple Modes, Easy to Operate

Three modes of vibration and three modes of negative pressure. You can get different types of massages by combining different modes. Its operation is so simple! Left click to start and select negative pressure mode, right click to select vibration mode! You can pick the mode that works best for your situation!

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy can help your blood flow better, reduce fatigue and pain, boost your immune system and metabolism, and make you feel more relaxed and happy.

Smart Vibrator

It can safely withstand the skin during cupping to prevent excessive strain

Large Capacity Battery, Small and Portable

You can carry it in your bag because it is so light and small. The item comes with a 2000mah lithium battery built in. You can use it at any time, at home or at work, to get a professional massage. You can charge quickly and easily with the USB charging cable.

Best Gift

The lightweight, compact and professional cupping device is the best gift for your relatives, friends, and lovers on special days!

Using anti-cellulite therapy, these massager cups work to target and break down stubborn fat deposits, while also promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage for a smoother, more contoured appearance.


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