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Ear Wax Remove Candle Set

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Cotton swabs may seem harmless enough, but they can be dangerous when used to clean your ears! Remove excess wax on your ears naturally, safely, and effectively with the
Ear Wax Candle Set!


  • Safer alternative to cotton swabs. Safely removes ear wax, bacteria, and other debris from the ear canal. It’s a better alternative for cleaning your ears than using cleaning buds.
    • Therapeutic and promotes relaxation. Aside from clearing your ear canal, these candles are also therapeutic and relaxing. Promotes relaxation and meditation. Draws out impurities and relieves head pressure and stress and promotes circulation.
    • Handmade and high quality. Handmade from the highest quality beeswax and unbleached premium cotton. Beeswax burns with consistency and almost no smoke, unlike paraffin petroleum candles.

    • Easy to use.  The top of the candle is then lit, which creates a vacuum in the ear canal and draws out excess earwax and impurities from the ear canal.


    • Material: Cotton Blend
    • The ear candles come in a variety of aromatic scents
    • Size: 24cm


    • 10 x Ear Wax Candle 
    • 2 x Safety Ash Disc Tray