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Adjustable Elevated Dog Feeder

Adjustable Elevated Dog Feeder

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Allows Your Dog to Eat Slowly at the Right Angle to Avoid Digestive and Joint Pain

Changes in how your dog eats can have a positive impact on their overall health! Dogs often find it difficult to eat from regular bowls. Not only do deep, hollow bowls put extra stress on their necks, but they also make them want to eat too quickly, which makes them feel sick, throw up, and hurt a lot. It puts a lot of stress on your dog and may make them completely disinterested in mealtime.

Your dog will be able to eat in the most comfortable position possible thanks to the adjustable elevated dog feeder. This Is Essential for Any Dog Owner! Don't delay!

  • Prevents joint pain and discomfort - Tensioning to the floor level can be uncomfortable and even harmful for dogs. Your dog won't have to stoop too much to eat or drink if the food is served in a raised bowl. Utilizing our elevated dog feeders reduces the likelihood of future joint discomfort. Your dog can eat in a position that is ideal for comfort with our elevated dog feeder.

  • Adjustable to three heights - Our elevated dog feeder can be set to three different heights. perfect for your dog's size, making it easy for him or her to eat and drink from.


  • Safe for pets and the environment - Safe and made of materials that aren't harmful to pets, people, kids, or the environment. carefully crafted from high-quality, long-lasting, and simple-to-clean materials. The dishwasher can be used to clean the bowls.

  • Reduce Strain - Bending down to drink from a traditional bowl can cause back and neck strain. Our drinking fountain is perfectly designed for your dog


  • Helps reduce symptoms of megaesophagus -

    Many dogs can experience mild symptoms of megaesophagus, which is not a particularly uncommon condition. This indicates that the stomach does not receive food from the throat. Instead, it is found in the oesophagus, where it causes a variety of unpleasant symptoms like vomiting.

  • Stops bowl tipping - Whether your pup is eager to get to its dinner or they’re simply mischievous, our elevated pet bowls can put a stop to bowl tipping once and for all! The added weight and height ensures that dogs can’t upturn their food and water bowls, however much they try!


Size: 44x27.5cm / 17.32x10.83in

Height 1:  7cm / 2.76in

Height 2: 20.2cm / 7.95in

Height 3: 28.8cm / 11.34in

Bowl Size (Each): Diameter 19.7cm/7.75in x Height 7cm/2.75in 

Bowl Capacity Each (max): 20deciliter / 8 cups

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