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Pet Snuffle Mat

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Eating, Playing And Health. So Much Fun With This Soothing And Stress-Relieving Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat helps you play and bond with your pet while they train their sense of smell. You will see them snuffle and inhale more air than a normal sniff. This is hard work and mentally tiring for them, it can wear them out like going for a good walk. It is like us doing something like a crossword puzzle, which is our eyes and brains. So a snuffle mat is ideal for bad weather days, winter nights, or keeping them quiet while you get some work or chores done.


🐾 Keep them occupied while you work (or eat your own dinner)

🐾 Great for recuperating or elderly pets for stimulation and bonding

🐾 Wears a Pet out like going for a walk as it's mentally tiring

🐾 Snuffle mats helps relieve stress and helps dogs relax

🐾 Folds away for easy storage

🐾 Easy to clean by hand or by machine-wash

As with any interactive toy, monitor your pet while they are using it, and tidy it away afterwards. This will prevent them from getting the urge to chew the lovely treat-smelling snuffle mat, and extend its lifespan!