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Obsidian Wealth Bracelet

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The Meaning Of 6-Character Proverbs:


  • : Alleviate the suffering of the heavenly beings; the heavenly beings enjoy longevity and happiness, so they rarely think about death and future life. Before the end of their lives, they will lose their luster, become odorous, and be abandoned by their friends and suffer great suffering. When chanting this syllable, those who practice will think of the sufferings of the sentient beings in the heavenly realm and will make them suffer.
  • : Alleviate the sufferings of all beings of the Shura Taoism; they are full of hatred in their hearts, they are very jealous of all kinds of enjoyment in the heavenly realm, and they often fight against the sentient beings in the heavenly realm. They reduce pain and contemplation
  • : Relieving human suffering and misfortune; everyone must experience four kinds of suffering: birth, old age, sickness, and death, as well as other kinds of natural disasters, human disasters, and other disasters. When it comes to the word "what", the practitioners think of the pain in the world and develop sorrow, and return the merits to the sentient beings in the world to reduce the pain.
  • : Symbol of purity
  • : In addition to the sufferings of all beings of the Hungry Ghost Path; beings born in the Hungry Ghost Road suffer from cold, heat, fear, and fatigue. At the same time, because of their bad karma, they are not allowed to eat for life, and they often suffer from hunger and thirst. . Practitioners will think of the suffering of hungry ghosts and feel compassion, and return their merits to pray for their sufferings to be removed.
  • : Reducing the suffering of all sentient beings in hell; sentient beings born in hell, because of their extremely bad karma, call on all kinds of suffering in hell, such as the illusion of burning fire, freezing bones, landslides, and persecution of ghosts, etc. Wait, the pain is inexplicable and cannot be freed.


Bracelets Type: Strand Bracelets

Gender: Unisex

Material: Alloy & Glass 

Chain Type: Beaded Bracelet

Bead Size: 10mm (0.47 inch)