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Hair Cutting Apron

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Easily catch loose hair trimmings & save time from cleaning with this Hair Cutting Apron! The innovative design catches all the falling hair strands before they hit the floor and create a mess.


  • No more mess, no hair everywhere. This cape catches all the hair as it falls so you’re not left sweeping it up. Catches those annoying hair clippings that fall down your neck, into your clothes, and onto the floor.

  • Practical and saves you time. This is a practical hair cutting cape because of its unique design. The umbrella-like design with its folded edge prevents the cut hair from falling to the floor.

  • Better than the traditional cape. As a barbershop owner or a person who likes to do a DIY haircut at home, you can save more time when you use this cape instead of the traditional one.
  • Convenient and comfortable. The problem with long traditional haircutting capes is that it makes the customer feel warm and uncomfortable inside. But, since this cape is only shoulder-level, it leaves the rest of the lower body feeling cool and fresh.
  • Easy to store. Made of soft and durable nylon material that is easy to wipe clean and wash. The cloak that folds for compact storage. 


  • Material: Nylon
  • Diameter: 60cm
  • Package Size: 30cm


  • 1 x Hair Cutting Apron