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Exercise Chew Ball

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  • High-Quality Material The Jawline Exerciser is constructed from high-quality food-grade materials and premium silicone. Reusable, durable, healthy, environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell, and can be used with confidence.
  • Excellent Design Supported by four hollow slots, it is more flexible and recovers quickly. Our Jaw exerciser is designed to use molars for training, it’s safer and more effective. It will not damage the front teeth and hurt the mouth.
  • Perfect Jaw Exerciser Through chewing, eliminate fat deposits around the chin and neck, strengthen and tone facial muscles. Make your facial contour clearer.Say goodbye to double chins and loose facial muscles.
  • Stress Relieving & Craving Reducing Chewing has been shown to relieve stress and reduce cravings, which contributes to the weight losing process. The jaw exerciser is also a facial exercise product, slim, tone, tighten, define your face, and help you achieve a perfect and natural smile.
  • Convenient & Quick Use Slimming, Toning, Sculpt & Strengthen .You can exercise your facial muscles while driving, watching movies, cooking, cleaning, gym exercise and walking the dog. Take action to create the most attractive facial muscles.



Size: 50mm*55mm*55mm
Color: Black Blue Purple