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Ultimate Ultra Soft Cycling Light Saddle

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ELIMINATE Saddle Soreness... FOREVER!
Whether You’re a Mountain Biker A Street Rider Or You Just Like to Ride Around Town, One Things’s For Sure - The Comfycycle™ - Ultimate Super Soft Cycling Light Saddle Will Eliminate Those Painful, Annoying Saddle Strains That Plague All Cyclist!


  • Health Benefits: Saddle stains are brutally painful annoying and unhealthy! Every rider experiences them while doing his favorite activity and that's why the Saddle was created! Our saddle unlike others remove OVER 97% of saddle stains providing you with the best riding experience that you will ever have!
  • Comes With Integrated Light: While your new bike saddle has an integrated flashlight, this should not be your concern anymore. 
  • Extreme Durability:  The Saddle is made out of the highest quality materials so durability is out of question! 
  • Waterproof Design: Bicycle saddle is highly waterproof and can be easily used on rainy days, making riding safer and more comfortable!
  • Easy To Install: Our Saddle can be installed on any seat post. Just install it as a normal saddle!
  • Anti-Sweat Design: Breathable holes provide superb airflow so you can keep going all day!